Bangkok Tram City Night Tour

Bangkok, Thailand

Welcome to the Bangkok Tram City Night Tour, we hope you will join us as we step back in time to a bygone age and explore the idyllic “Old Town Quarter” of Bangkok at night. Since 2007 the Bangkok Tram has been providing guided sightseeing tours to hundreds of visitors aboard our replica tram


Tram Ticket
Tram Ticket

Bangkok Tram is free of charge for
children below 3 years and charged
at 300 baht for 3-7 years (over 7 years charged 450 baht)

450 Baht

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Enjoy Bangkok Old Town Night Tour By Bangkok Tram


Special Promotion Family Package Buy 3 get 1 Free
Special Promotion Family Package Buy 3 get 1 Free


Buddy Tram Tour of Old Bangkok

Martin Perry, Creative Director

This is a real treat and a great way to get orientated in the historical area of the city away from the heat of the day. It starts with an optional dinner at the beer garden in the charming 1960’s Hotel De’ Moc – a favourite location amongst Thai film makers. Then board the open air Buddy Tram for a guided tour of the main attractions; Ananta Samakhom, Throne Hall, Golden Mountain, Wat Ratchanaddaram, Democracy Mounument, Wat Pho, National Theatre. But the real highlight is getting to wander around the Grand Palace at night away from the hordes of tourists; the experience alone is worth the price of the ticket. (MP)



1. What are the Tram operating hours?

Answer: – The Tram tour begins at 19:20 hours at reception Buddy Lodge hotel in Khaosan road and will finish at approximately 21:00 hours.(Not operate on Sunday) call 026294477

2. Where can I buy a Tram ticket?

Answer: – Tickets can be purchased from the main hotel reception, local travel agencies or the following email address –

3. How do I make or change my Reservation?

Answer: – Modifications can be made to your booking by contacting us directly on the following telephone number 026294477 or via email at

4. Can I book my tour via e-mail?

Answer: – Yes, please contact us at

5. Is there someone who can assist me with planning this and other excursions in Bangkok ?

Answer: – Yes, our travel agents and Reservation team would be happy to assist you with any enquires you might have. We can be contacted as or

6. Is there anywhere I can park my car before the tram tour?

Answer: -Yes you can safely park your car in the Hotel De Moc car park.

7. Are pets allowed on the tram tour?

Answer: – No unfortunately pets are prohibited from the tour. The only exception to this rule guide dogs for any disabled customers please contact us at to confirm we can accommodate your needs.

8. What languages is the Tram tour available in?

Answer : The Tram tour is available only in English. Our guides do not speak any other foreign languages

We provide The Brochure in English and Korean

9. Classification for children:

Answer: Children below 4 years and charged at 50 % for 4-12 years.

10. What is the Dress Code for Tram tour?

Answer: We request that all guests dress respectfully during the tour and remember that we will be entering important Thai religious sites.

11. Is there a dinning option with the Tram tour?

Answer: Yes, we can arrange a pleasant set meal for Tram customers at the nearby Hotel De Moc. However, this has to be arranged in advance and is not included in the original price of the ticket.

12. What do I need to bring on the tour?

Answer: You do not need to bring anything to enjoy the Tram Tour, our guides even provide you with complimentary drinking water. We would however suggest you bring your camera or video recorder along to take photos of the evening.

13. How do I get to Buddy Tram Tour?

Answer: – Please see the attached map of the local area.