“Tram” originated in Thailand since the reign of the fifth year, 1887 was the first country in Asia.From 1888 until 1968 started a hundred years and thirty years, vehicles that have run out. For the first country in Asia.”Tram” , also known in English as “Tramway” originated in Thailand since the founding of King Rama 5 . “Danish “Roadways are built in. “Bangkok City “as its called in those days. Since the year 1887 the walk.
          “Tram” cars have not sailed it on its own. But to move by using the “horse-drawn “, which has horses in front of the car. Then, it was opened “walks” in May 1894, after at the end. “World War II” has just four five years. Bus concession was terminated on 31 December 1949, the government came into operation on behalf of the Electricity Company Limited Bangkok of the “Department of Public Works and the Ministry of Municipal Affairs “since January 1, 1950
           After the massive development taking place in the country. ” I came to Chom Phon Textiles Red ” with a policy to provide. “Stop the bus, tram and pedicab ” in the field ” Bangkok – Thonburi” . Scaled down by quitting the race ended decisively in the capital to 11 October 1968 as a “tram” to join the “80 years” fit.Trams can be divided into two types .One . Extension is open to wood and canvas roll hanging over the edge on both sides for the sun and dust. Two . Become a popular model known as the “robber ,” according to the shape of the roof is curved and also to build up to a steel frame.Which is a very modern era.
           Trams initially called “steam car” on 2436 (R.S 112) had the concession for rail traffic . Along the main streets of New Road until the horse fall and drag it to the companies with slow trams has stopped running trams. For in those days because the fare is about 5 per cent losses and sell the business to a company in England, but it’s another loss , and finally sold to the Company in Denmark. In that time has built up a power plant . And the change of the electric traction motor instead. Is seen as power poles and steel beams sticking out for the power lines

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